Being you

The art of being you begins in yourself. I have seen and come across so many people everyday who wants to be others, like others, become others. These people forget one thing that they lost themselves in the process of being others.You are not here to compete with anyone. You are here to prove you to yourself not to anybody. Do not try to pretend like others. You will end up in a mess or a chaos.

Being you is the first step towards your growth. Whatever the goal is, it doesn’t matter. What Matter is what you gonna do about your goal in your own way. Don’t copy others. Don’t follow others. First of all, Don’t envy others. Your envy toward others will destroy you in no time.

Everyone has their own problems, fears,struggles and victory. You cant compare them with you and overthinking that they are having their success. They worked for it and they earned it. You have to work hard for it too in your own way. You wont get anything in return If you keep seeing others business. Do your own thing and wait for your success. It will come under your feet spontaneously. Be in your own shoes always.

With love,



Love yourself

People are always different and that is unique. Every time you try to do something and people started tell you do this do that ..Like seriously. They started even before you start..

So Don’t ever ask any opinion about what you gonna do or what you wanna do..Just start doing it,like now. Just receive the criticism carefully and pessimism happily. Do you worry about people are talking behind you..If you do so, just don’t.Never do that. They will not stop, If you worry,cry or whatever. People will talk anyway.

But it is only behind you. There is a reason they are behind you. They talk about you because you are doing that they wanted to do or they cannot do.  Don’t let anything or anyone stops you . Make yourself glee.

With Love


It has been 2 years

I am writing after a really long time. I have taken time to realize my mistakes, Process my thoughts,appreciate me. I do not have the guilt of what I have done in the past. I embrace my mistakes and took the lessons from my mistakes. I started a new job. I overcome my anxiety and depression. I even started talking with uncle and Everything fall into its place after 1 year of suffering. I am really proud of what I have become.

Happy me

Signing off


Last day

It is my last day in office. Yes. It really is. I am going to end this today. It’s been two years. I made my decision clear.I love the commute actually. Today I said everything to him without any secret. We do not have any secrets anymore.I made it really I did. I will be perfect from now. I will focus on my marriage and things.



Signing off,



Had a good time

“It is about last friday to monday morning. It was like damn good . I conjure up happiness. We become closer every minute. It s been 5 years..But I still get butterflies whenever see him. This is so called love. I can feel it. We have had a good time together. I feel guilt sometimes. I am trying hard to do better. You will be pleased, If you know my efforts. I am crazy about you and fancy you. I really do uncle.”


Message to my Love


Signing off